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>> customers without power. >> the newest batch. they almost everything fixed. i have a feeling it might be lightning related. lightning despite coming in this morning was a vivid. in some areas, there were two, three, almost 4 inches of rain. the flash flood warning is just going out in a fact. here is the radar showing you what is going through right now. the front will give us the cooler, less humid air. yet to take that with a grain of salt. it is over as right now. but we still have some heavy rains and thundershowers in the area. eventually, it looks like most of the rain will be south of baltimore. at the moment, we are dealing
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with a summer rain. here is sarah caldwell. >> we are dealing with some wet roads. an accident there. and eastern avenue, right at highland ave. you may start to see some delays. apparently, a vehicle spun out of there. you may want some extra time this morning. 108 at columbia road. up and the northbound at 295 reports of debris in the way. let's check some of our cameras. 50 at a standing point. it shows plenty of rain coming to the bridge. we will show you a live view. so far, running smoothly north and southbound. we will keep you posted on these
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problems this morning. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> new this morning, a baltimore city firefighter is injured. crews got a call about a fire. there were battling that plays from a roof when we were told that when the firefighters went through the roof, all the way down to the basement. one of the companies called to put that out was a company that is just hours away from shutting down, a victim of city budget cuts. >> kim is live in our newsroom to explain. it was supposed to take affect june 30. the one on montfort is scheduled to close today. and the third company is scheduled to close on the first.
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the issue of closing these companies was hotly debated. the plan ends of the daily rotating closures that have been in effect for three years. it could be dangerous for residents. it will not have an impact on response time. >> you have to identify where in the city weekend cover to quit rotating closures. >> we need to have every resource available to us to protect them. we take an oath to protect the citizens of baltimore. it is getting tougher and tougher and tougher. >> of course, the city council did pass a budget that will shut down d 3 companies. one more notes, there are no
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layoffs associate with disclosures. reporting live in the newsroom. >> thank you. investigators are trying to find out what set off a deadly fire on sunday. a young boy ran to his mother's to call 911. while battling the blaze, they found the body of a young woman inside. >> we have seen her. we know that her husband passed away recently. that was really all of my family knew about her. >> it is unclear how the fire started. they think it may have started in the kitchen. but no word whether the home had any working smoke detectors. >> the family closed the books on me power restoration efforts. crews of three connected on sunday, ending nine days of
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operations. >> hopefully we never have to do it again. we will be better prepared than we were this time. >> we are told there are still about -- there are still people in the region. those averages are not because of last week's storm -- and outages are not because of last week's storm. efforts are slow after a crane could not handle the weight. the crane operator was taken to the hospital to be treated for broken leg. >> a maryland state trooper suffered injuries after chasing a suspect.
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the suspect apparently killed himself. melvin refused to stop. when the trooper trove of next to his car, he ran. the state trooper loss control. another police officer helped lead to bring out of his car, along with his dog. he also crashed into a ditch. melvin refused to honor the car and shot himself in the head. lawmakers are expected to send most of the month but looking at partisan and measures. haole jackson joins us live with the latest. what is on schedule for today? >> today, lawmakers are in the house to talk about repealing president obama's federal health care law. this is as one of several discussions. it is more for political show
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the political progress. >> the senate will come to order. but by congress is meeting for the first time since june. talks about overturning the federal health-care law. >> repealing would violate our economy and the values on which our country was founded. >> the point is to make a point. last month they passed a bill extending lower student loan rates. >> this will make a real difference in the lives of americans. make no mistake -- we have more to do. >> that list will have to wait until after november. >> republicans want to stop new regulations from going into affect. >> there will stop tax breaks for companies moving blas overseas -- moving jobs overseas. >> we ought to extend the current tax rates for another year.
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>> the president and many democrats want to end that per for people making $250,000 a year or more. >> people, quite frankly, do not need them. they have not worked or pay their fair share. >> as we look ahead to tomorrow, senate democrats are expected to hold a vote on tax breaks for businesses. >> thank you. we will see you in the next hour. 74 degrees. coming up, a soccer tournament ends in a hail of gunfire. >> also, a deadly crash takes the lives of two people and leaves a child in critical condition. we will tell you how police say this could have been completely avoidable. >> here is a live look it traffic and the beltway. something going on there.
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>> good morning. it is 11 minutes past five. here in town, the temperature is 74 degrees. a lot of the thunder has settled down a little bit. just to give you a reference point of there. off to our northwest, some moderate rain shower activities between westminster. some rains out in frederick county. heavy rain earlier this morning. on to the eastern shore, just
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east of the city, we have some moderate rain showers. rain is in the forecast today. the important thing is, we will not see 100. in fact, we will not see the 90's either. more on that forecast in a few minutes. >> a group of gunmen opened a fire, hitting three people, including a 16-year-old who was shot in the head. those in the crowd returned a fire. two other suspects -- still no word on a motive for the shootings. police have identified the victims of a triple homicide. a man and some teenagers were shot to death in an apartment building. police are investigating reports that the two men were seen
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leaving the apartment shortly after gunshots were heard. >> a cell phone is being blamed for a crash that killed two people over the weekend. police say the driver was reaching for herself on and lost control of the car. she reportedly overcompensated after driving off the shoulder and skidded into the woods. to passengers who were not wearing seat belts were ejected and killed. the driver was also seriously hurt. >> avoidable. 5:13. 74 degrees. still ahead, if you're thinking about buying a new laptop, you may not want to wait until august. >> they want to get to off of the couch and into the stadium. well their latest idea be enough. we will tell you what it is. >> a start to your morning commute. a couple of lanes closed with an
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accident. we'll che
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>> now, traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> a look at your morning commute. not exactly how you want to start out. we have an accident coming in on eastbound on i-70. the center lane is the only lane open. watch for delays in that area. eastern avenue right at highland ave. another coming in southbound on
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i-95. you may start to see some delays. there is an accident being worked on. debris that could tie you up. 108 at columbia road. you should be ok. it just take it slow there. westbound traffic, a little bit sluggish. no sign of delays to the construction zone. that is the lead to some traffic pulse 11. good morning. >> good morning. i hope you had a good vacation. we're looking at one delay right now. running seven to 10 minutes late. a lot of trends are operating on time. if you bust delays this morning.
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-- a few bus the latest this morning -- bus delays this morning. >> natures alarm clock probably woke you up. a loss of thunder and lightning. 3 inches of rain have been measured so far. to push all that he dowd and everything else, something has to give. the humidity is now being squeezed out of the air. the cool front will entries less humid air. yesterday, most of it was less than south of us. again, frederick county was the main targets here with over 3 inches of rain. in many cases, around the area. i mentioned yesterday -- here is the rainfall totals.
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baltimore, frederick county, this little bull's-eye, almost 4 inches of rain measured there. it's kind of tapered off. here we have only had 16 hundredths of the bench. -- of an inch. yesterday, the high was 100 at the airport. yesterday we still overshot the runway temperature wise. the low was 82. this morning, we are in the 70's. on the boardwalk, 75. out in western maryland, temperatures are in the 60's. what you're in the summit this humidity. what you see in the yellows, the
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greens are pushing down. that lower humidity, slowly but surely is coming in. it is moving primarily west to east. clouds extend up into pennsylvania. slowly but surely today, we will slip further to the south. it will take a little while to push out of the heat and humidity. a lot closer to where we belong. 82 to 87. but we have some in the area now. you can see our insta-weather future cast. we hope for a little more some later in the day.
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it might be a few showers north of us. that bodes well into the middle part of the week. 60's for the los. pretty minimal tuesday and wednesday. the ring chances go back up at the end of the week and hold in the 80's. -- rain chances go back up at the end of the week. >> if you are waiting until august to buy a laptop, you may want to get one now. contrary to popular belief, the best time to buy a laptop is before or after the back-to- school season. the savings could be as much as $240. with attendance down 4%, the nfl is trying to find ways to get fans off the couch and into the
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stand. they're hoping to do it by bringing them virtually into the game. ppnew smartphone and mobile a lets fans listened to players wearing microphone on the fields. they're considering letting them listen to conversations between referees on disputed calls. will that be enough to have you buy a ticket to the nfl game? share your response on the stand, that could be very interesting. [laughter] >> thank you. samsung is on the bandwagon again. a whole generation of economic progress for african-americans. the bloomberg business report. good morning.
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>> good morning. the toxic subprime mortgages market has left african- americans at a disadvantage for decades. they have disproportionately help subprime mortgages facing foreclosure in closing numbers. there now selecting data on just how the recession has affected credit scores. sources tell reuters. we'll keep an eye on that. we've got futures this morning. under some pressure today. we had the june jobs report coming in worst than expected. that includes 600 of the geek squad tech support workers. another new tablet on the way.
5:24 am
getting ready to release a tablet featuring the microsoft windows rt software being built specially for touchscreen devices. bloomberg news, reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> now have a new target. >> yes. this includes j.c. penney. the gay community is looking more alluring to retailers. returning to ocean city. all that coming up. >> thank you. >> the time is now 5:24. as 74 degrees on t.v. hill. >> lots of people lose internet access today. would you can do if your computer does come with the bug a straight ahead.
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made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. >> despite months of warnings, computer users could be without internet access today. >> they are infected with the rogue virus that has gone on the notice. >> it may be a problem for tens of thousands of computer users in the u.s. it all began months ago when they were charged with corrupting computers worldwide with now wear. -- malware. it often directed users to sites they may not have intended. >> they found a way to tap into one of the most lucrative sources of money on the
5:28 am
internet. that is online advertising. >> after they were caught, they allowed users to surf without issues for months. now, after numerous warnings, the fbi is pulling the plug. >> the good news is that the odds and not very high that you will be affected. the bad news is, if you are infected, you probably will not know. on monday, if your internet goes out, you have a hard time fixing your computer. >> there is a way to see if you have your computer. it will tell you if your machine has the virus and how to fix it. it is a simple test that could save you from a lot of potential problems. >> great. one more thing to worry about. >> the time is now 5:28.
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still to come on 11 news today. >> after a lot of debate, two city fire companies are scheduled to close down this morning. i am live with details. >> three children are dead. we'll have the latest on the investigation straight ahead. >> we are using the word warm instead of hot. that is significant. >> with the rain coming down, several accidents. several accidents.
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subway. eat fresh. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> a good morning everybody >> thank you for joining us.
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now, some more folks out of power this morning. >> a different type of storm, too. just the run-of-the-mill, associate with the cold front- type activity. cool front. it will break the heat wave and eventually take the humidity out. we have had all this rain. take a look at our doppler radar. we have three hours' worth of radar images there. some pretty heavy rain fell out in parts of frederick county. close to 4 inches of rain fell out there. we have only 1600 on t.v. hill. keep in mind, it's probably woke you up. it probably knocked out a bunch of homes again.
5:33 am
a little different situation. we will talk more about the forecast. what is up with that? >> a lot of accidents out there, unfortunately. many affecting major roadways. one coming in on the interlude -- on the inner loop. eastbound i-70, two left lanes closed as they work to clear an accident there. the vehicle has spun out. in the city, a crash coming in. not creating a delay at the moment, but we will continue to monitor that one. debris reported. a traffic light is out in colombia. be careful of that intersection. a vehicle fire reported. here is a live view of traffic.
5:34 am
southbound traffic going away from us. we will let you know once we get more on this incident. a vehicle fire south of 32. again, no sign of delays, but two problems that could affect your right on i-95 this morning. back to you. >> two big city fire companies will shut down this morning. due to the city budget. >> 11 news reporters live in the news from the details very good morning. >> good morning. but just last night, a firefighter from that company was injured when a ceiling collapsed. >> the idea was set forth in the
5:35 am
proposed city budget. no fire fighters would be laid off. 66 will be reassigned. >> we have to identify where in the city weekend coverage. identify a company and take it out of the system. >> the two closing today are on north montfort and west lafayette ave. the plan got mixed reviews at city hall. >> i think we can't afford not to. it is not that much money. cut the taxes. we can pay to protect the houses that we just lowered the taxes for. >> after debate and discussion, they passed the budget, including the cuts. >> we need to have every
5:36 am
resource available to us to protect them. we take an oath to protect the citizens of baltimore. it is getting tougher and tougher and tougher. >> the first two closures were scheduled to go into effect on june 30, but they were extended because of the heat wave. there is no word on his desk -- his condition this morning. reporting live. >> close to 40 people are without a place to call home. at the 9700 block. the fire began on the third floor. the back of the building collapsed. residents can only stand and watch as their homes went up in flames. >> i come out, everybody comes out, we see this big blaze.
5:37 am
but it was black smoke. >> no residents were hurt. police say the boys had been playing basketball together on saturday. suspectld police do not foul play. >> a man was shot and killed. shots are reported. no word on the victim's identity or what may have prompted the shooting. 5:37. we all know it can be a lot of fun for kids, but can dogs be good for their health? good news for animal lovers coming up. >> an app that listens to
5:38 am
football players -- will that be enough free to buy a ticket to the game? send us an e-mail. >> we're keeping a close eye on the roads this morning. dealing with accidents as a dealing with accidents as a results of many
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>> good morning. still humid out of there. we have some rain in the area. you want to take a look at the radar right now so we can show you were that rain is. we'll give you an idea of what is going on. it is warm outside.
5:41 am
i circled baltimore here on the radar to give you a reference point where we are. the see a lot of yellow. this latest batch of storms has moved through. off to the west of us in frederick county, we still have some moderate to heavy rains falling. they're getting more right now. a lot of the thunder and lightning is coming back with the system. is a slow and moving to the south. essentially, a reduction in the humidity as well. -- as eventually, a reduction in the humidity as well. >> cases of the virus have gone down significantly in young women. the decreases seen among those who did not even get the shot. sexually active teenage girls
5:42 am
before and after the hpv vaccine was approved. cases also went down on those who were unvaccinated. owning a family dog may be healthy for your kids. children exposed to dogs during infancy have your respiratory and ear infections. they did not need to stay and antibiotics as long as children living without them. having a cat also had an effect, but not as strong as a dog. the time is now 5:42. still ahead, the rest of the season. we're joined live in the studio. plus -- >> a tax-cut plan is trying to get people talking about something other than the economy. that story is coming up.
5:43 am
>> here is a live look at the harbor. sarah has traffic when we come right back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪
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>> now, traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> another look at your morning commute. three baltimore county schools are closed. of course, we will let you know in terms of what goes on elsewhere in power outages. let's get a look to what is going on elsewhere. we have a vehicle fire. be extra careful there. there maybe some lanes closed.
5:46 am
also getting reports on a crash of the north side of the beltway. if you travel, there is an accident there. another accident coming in. a very busy morning rush. of course, the rain is having a major impact for you. real show you what it looks like. just south of the exit for 32. we'll show you what it looks like. and not showing any delays, but definitely will be a little bit sluggish on these wet roads. that is the latest and traffic pulse 11. this is the latest on the buses and trains. >> good morning. we have a delay due to some track work. the trains are on schedule. the rail is on schedule.
5:47 am
back to john collins. >> good morning. take a look of the radar. the basic idea of what is going on. especially west of the city. several inches of rain out there. some flooding. moving west to east. the rain is thinning out in west virginia. this will taper off. it will be sliding slowly. the further south, how much rain has occurred with this? yesterday, there are some ran off to our west and south. you can see a ban right in here. this is that heavy rain that occurred. out in frederick county as well.
5:48 am
the rain was not quite as heavy. hear on tv so we only had one quarter inch of rain. and then on to the east. a lot of thunder and lightning earlier this morning. current temperatures, but around 80 degrees. at cambridge, 72, 75. it is in the 60's out in far western maryland. there is a front. 60's to our north. this green area is that cooler air. the rain is running right along the front from west to east. it will slide to the south.
5:49 am
it will take the highest air and how this committee. a steady improvement in the weather today. there is a chance for thunderstorms. that will be pushed to mostly to the south. a progression of rain to the south of us today. our forecast, 87 today. but that is a big improvement right there. pushing a lot to the south. tomorrow, maybe even wednesday. still, a small chance of rain. then of the rain chances pick up a bit. -- then of the rain chances pick up a bit. >> do not expect a cool, comfortable day on capitol hill as lawmakers return from their holiday, president obama is getting ready to stir up the
5:50 am
political fires with a call to extend the bush tax cuts but not for everyone. >> as congress returns today from its july 4 recess, president obama already has something for lawmakers. he will ask congress to extend the bush-era tax cuts. the obama campaign needs to quickly put away from last week's at jobs report. it is aiming its guns not only at capitol hill, but on republican mitt romney's personal finances. >> he of shore's most of his own personal investments, presumably to shield them from taxes. >> i've known of a swiss bank account to build an american bridge or create a job. >> in terms of governor romney's financial success, we have got a president today who has never run a business.
5:51 am
>> there will have to get in line. on wednesday, the house will try to overturn obamacare. fat and effort going nowhere because democrats still control -- an effort to going nowhere because democrats still controlled the senate. in washington, wbal-tv 11 news. >> file, 51, 73 degrees on tv help. >> take a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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claxon now, 11 sports. >> good morning, everybody. 45 and a 40 records. beat the red sox last night. still second place and as of now, the second wild-card team in the american league. shut out for the second game in a row. the angels hit and hit hard. when you hit one into the rocks, you got all of it.
5:55 am
1-0, angels at that point. the man online a shot down. for-0. a short day. they came in not much better. what kind of year is this that having. 6-0. back-to-back shutouts. the futures all-star game was played in kansas city. it featured two orioles prospects. the young kim was drafted last year out of oklahoma. the number 1 prospect in baseball makes the wind. the other oriole in the game would help out. goes up and gets it. that is what he did here. in the sixth, watch him play
5:56 am
last week. a really good looking player. he rolls past the world future all stars. he gets the win for team usa. he met in the finals yesterday. the british prime minister david cameron watched him win the first set. a rain forced them to close the roof and caused serious flooding problems. you can see he is ok. he wins the match here. he wins a wimbledon for the seventh time. he is 17 and at 7. he might be the greatest player of all time. >> coming up the next hour,
5:57 am
some baltimore city fire companies. >> hollywood reporting the loss of an oscar-winning actor. >> pandemonium. that is coming up. >> we have rain in the area this morning. falling around the frederick area. >> that rain is having a major impact on your morning commute. our tracking several accidents. that is next. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues
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and does. if you're here that is. feel the fun. feel the hamptonality. >> the baltimore city fire department will be forced to shut down two of their companies later this morning. >> off congress returns to capitol hill. more on

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